Summer Salads

Mediterranean Pearled Couscous Salad

This versatile summer salad makes excellent use of the abundance of fresh cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and herbs coming out of local farms and gardens this time of year. It can be prepared in advance, served warm or chilled, and results in a perfectly healthy lunch, light supper, or side dish. It’s also very flexible in that you can substitute just about any veggies and herbs that you happen to have on hand, so consider this a general template and feel free to get creative! You’ll find bulk organic pearled couscous featured in the Weekly Sale from August 11th – 17th, so it’s a perfect time to give this dish a try!

Pasta Salad

If you’re looking for a very versatile pasta salad, we think you’ll find this one’s a winner. It’s the kind of meal that comes together in less than 30 minutes, can be made a few days in advance, travels well to picnics and potlucks, and it can serve as a perfect catch-all for the veggies you happen to have on hand. You may prefer to serve it as a side dish or round it out with chopped salami or other protein to make a heartier main dish. You’ll find many of the ingredients featured in our weekly sale from May 13th – 19th, so it’s a perfect time to give this one a try!

Greek Antipasto

Top four reasons you’ll love this simple summer salad:

  1. It will allow you to celebrate and enjoy many local ingredients –  cucumbers, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, garlic, fresh basil & oregano are all in season right now.
  2. It’s budget-friendly – Many of the ingredients are featured in our weekly sale this week.
  3. It’s a perfect meal for a hot summer day – Who wants to fire up the oven on a hot day?  The garbanzo beans, olives, artichokes, and feta lend a satiating substance that won’t leave you feeling like you only had salad for dinner. Top it with leftover sliced chicken or steak to make it even more substantial.
  4. It’s quick – 10 minutes is all you’ll need to throw together this beautiful meal.

Coconut Sesame Quinoa Salad

This recipe comes from the home kitchen of MNFC deli staffer, Ian Ross, and is featured in our July/August newsletter. It’s one of Ian’s favorite recipes and can be made with any color of quinoa. Unfortunately, when we printed it in our newsletter, we forgot one very important ingredient – the coconut! We apologize for any culinary mishaps this may have caused and hope you’ll give it another try! This salad is a winner because It’s packed with healthy ingredients, it can be made in advance, and it makes for a perfect cool meal on a hot summer night.