Co-op Basics

Are you looking for safe, effective, and affordable everyday body care products for your family?  Are you craving the benefits of clean teeth and fresh underarms, but less interested in the parabens, artificial flavors, and scents that most body care products contain?   Well, then you’re in luck!  You can find a generous variety of Tom’s of Maine toothpaste and deodorant priced affordably at the Co-op, every day.  What’s so different about Tom’s of Maine products?  Read on to learn about their production standards or find out even more at .

Our Standards for Natural

*A few of our products contain beehive ingredients. Beeswax and/or propolis are found in floss, P&M toothpaste, peppermint botanically bright toothpaste, and Natural Strength Deodorants.

Our Standards for Sustainable

  • Prioritizing the use of recycled and renewable materials
  • Striving to reduce packaging waste through recyclability and biodegradability
  • Supporting the use of sustainable growing and harvesting practices
  • Working to minimize the total environmental impact of our supply chain

Our Standards for Responsible

  • Delivering value to our consumers
  • Sufficient research conducted to show safety and efficacy
  • Purposeful in the system of ingredients, with complete transparency about the purpose and source of the ingredient
  • Sourced from suppliers that respect human and labor rights
  • Honesty in all claims made for ingredients, packaging, and products
  • Conform to the requirements of regulatory authorities and other professional organizations with which we partner

Check out our Co-op Basics Flyer for a larger sampling of products offered at Everyday Low Prices.  Just look for the purple signs at the Co-op to find these and hundreds of other Affordable Prices on Products You Can Trust!



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