Co-op Basics

October is Co-op Month – Support Co-ops and Your Budget with Co-op-Made Products at Every Day Low Prices

Most shoppers buy products that are produced by a cooperative every week, and most likely, they don’t even realize it.  Cooperatives are really great at producing high-quality products, using sustainable methods and fair labor practices, but we’re often not so great at shouting about it.  Because co-operatives are owned by the folks who use their services – yes, people just like you – we all reflect the various needs and desires of our member-owners.  That means it can be hard to look at a product and recognize that a co-op made it!  At Food Co-ops across the country, you can find a label on our shelves that helps you find your way to Co-op-Made Products.  It looks like this:






Many of our Co-op-Made Products are also part of our Co-op  Basics Program.  Here’s just a few you’ll find at affordable everyday prices at Middlebury Co-op:

To find more Co-op Made Products on Co-op Basics and a host of Every day Low Prices on Products You Love, just look for the purple signs to find these great deals, every day at your Co-op.  Remember to SPECIAL ORDER these products by the case to receive an additional 15% off!

Delicious and Budget Friendly Recipes:

Chicken Cacciatore

Garlic Tofu & Greens

Soy-Ginger Dinner Salad with Tuna

Peanut Sesame Noodles

Farmhouse Bean Soup Recipe

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