Co-op Basics

June is Dairy Month in Vermont, so it feels like a great time to remind you that several local Cabot Creamery products are part of Co-op Basics at your Co-op!  Cabot 1lb blocks of butter are available every day at just $3.99 each, and Cabot 8 oz cheddar bars are just $2.99 ea.  All of the Cabot products that you’ll find at our Co-op have to meet our buying criteria, so we only carry those that are rBst- free (free of added bovine growth hormone).  Cabot Creamery is not only a Vermont dairy, they’re a cooperative, just like us – go co-ops!

 Just look for the purple signs at the Co-op to find these and hundreds of other Affordable Prices on Products You Can Trust!


Check out our Co-op Basics Flyer to see a sampling of our Everyday Low Prices!

Remember to SPECIAL ORDER these products by the case to receive an additional 15% off!

Delicious and Budget-Friendly Recipes:


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Chicken Cacciatore

Garlic Tofu & Greens

Soy-Ginger Dinner Salad with Tuna

Peanut Sesame Noodles

Farmhouse Bean Soup Recipe

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