Membership Categories


  Want to own a store with your friends and fellow community members? Co-op membership is co-op ownership!  Each time you make a $20 membership payment at the Co-op, you are purchasing a share in your Co-op and becoming a member-owner. Your i …

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Working Member

Our Member-Worker Program is temporarily suspened due to the current health crisis.  We’ll be back in action when normal business practices can resume.  Thank you for your understanding. Volunteers are a valuable part of our operation, and as …

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Senior Member

One of the perks of member-ownership at the Co-op is the Senior Discount. If you’re age 60 or better, you can enjoy 5% off every Tuesday and Thursday! Click here for the Membership Brochure

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Co-op Partner

One of the differences between Co-op membership and membership at a more conventional business is that Co-op membership is ownership in your Co-op. Each $20 membership payment buys one share of the Co-op. Once you reach 15 shares, you’re done! We will …

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Food for All Program

What Can FOOD FOR ALL Do for YOU?  Food For All is a Member Assistance Program for participants in SNAP, WIC, and Home Heating Assistance, recipients of VA benefits, and for clients of CVOEO, HOPE, WomenSafe, and the Open Door Clinic, and Free and …

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