Membership Categories


  Want to own a store with your friends and fellow community members? Co-op membership is co-op ownership!  Each time you make a $20 membership payment at the Co-op, you are purchasing a share in your Co-op and becoming a member-owner. Your i …

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Working Member

Volunteers are a valuable part of our operation, and as a member-owner of your Co-op, you have the option to volunteer as a Working Member. It’s a fun way to get to know your Co-op better, and each hour worked earns a 10% discount on $90 worth of …

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Senior Member

One of the perks of member-ownership at the Co-op is the Senior Discount. If you’re age 60 or better, you can enjoy 5% off every Tuesday and Thursday! Click here for the Membership Brochure

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Co-op Partner

One of the differences between Co-op membership and membership at a more conventional business is that Co-op membership is ownership in your Co-op. Each $20 membership payment buys one share of the Co-op. Once you reach 15 shares, you’re done! We will …

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Food for All Program

What Can FOOD FOR ALL Do for YOU? Food For All is a Member Assistance Program.  If you are currently a participant of SNAP or WIC programs, Home Heating Assistance, or if you are a client of our local Food Shelves, you may be eligible for thi …

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