Joining Our Board

Do you love your Co-op?  Read on to find out how to join our Board of Directors…

(The deadline to submit applications for Board Candidates was March 14, 2021)

Dear Potential Board Candidate,

All are welcome here.  Here are our values:

MNFC member-owners, customers, and the community benefit from:

Healthy Foods

A Vibrant Local Economy

Environmentally Sustainable and Energy-efficient Practices

Cooperative Democratic Ownership

And Learning About These Values

The Board of Directors is the legal representative of the member-owners of MNFC and is therefore responsible for the overall financial wellbeing of the Co-op.  The Board exercises its responsibilities through its relationship with the General Manager, whom it hires and oversees. The Board is made up of 11 directors. Each term of office is three years, and terms are staggered so no more than 4 terms expire each year.


Time Requirements and Responsibilities for Directors

  • Make a three-year commitment to the Board of Directors.
  • Attend two Board orientation sessions.
  • Attend a workshop for cooperative boards in the first two years of your term (this one-day session is typically held in Brattleboro on a Saturday in January and MNFC pays for travel expenses).
  • Be familiar with MNFC’s by-laws and Board policies.
  • Prepare for and attend monthly Board meetings (6:30-8: 30 pm, currently scheduled for the fourth Wednesday of the month at the Co-op), occasional sub-committee meetings, and a daylong annual retreat (usually February). Monthly time commitment 4-6 hours a month.
  • Attend the Co-op’s Annual Meeting (early June) and Co-op community events.
  • Keep information and materials confidential when appropriate.

Qualifications of Candidates 

  • Be or become a member-owner of the Co-op.

Powers and Duties

  • Monitor the General Manager’s performance (store operations are the sole responsibility of the GM)
  • Monitor financial statements
  • Monitor, revise, create appropriate policies on a yearly basis
  • Communicate with the member-owners
  • Work to perpetuate the cooperative
  • Monitor Board performance

 Brief Explanation of Policy Governance Model

The Board of Directors of MNFC governs using the model of Policy Governance.

The Board develops policies outlining how the Board functions; what authority is delegated to the General Manager; and the limitations within which the General Manager operates. The General Manager communicates with the Board through monthly reports.  In Policy Governance, the General Manager makes all operational decisions while the Board focuses its attention on the strategic direction of the Co-op; engages with member-owners; and monitors management performance.


In recognition of the time and commitment required to prepare for and attend meetings, required training, and events, directors receive a stipend of $649/year plus a 10% discount on all purchases (except alcohol) at the coop.  Committee chairs and Executive Officers receive additional stipends.

Board elections are held in May of each year.  Interested member-owners much apply for candidacy before March 15th of each year.  Applications will be made available before March 1st of each year.  Still have questions?  Please reach out to




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