Dinner on a Budget

Fall Harvest Salad

This salad is bursting with the flavors and colors of fall! It’s simple to pull together and you’ll find many of the ingredients featured in our weekly sale from November 5th – 11th! Enjoy it as a side salad, or bulk it up with a cup of cooked quinoa and serve it as your main course. Either way, we think you’ll love the flavors and textures of this delicious dish!

Cherry Tomato and Chèvre Pasta

This recipe comes from the kitchen of Hannah Sessions at Blue Ledge Farm, who says it’s one of her favorite simple meals to toss together when the cherry tomatoes began to ripen. You’ll find Blue Ledge Farm chèvre in our Vermont cheese case. If your garden isn’t exploding with cherry tomatoes, you’ll find pints of these local jewels in our Produce Department from Orb Weaver Farm and Singing Cedars and you’ll also find plenty of fresh local basil from Singing Cedars. To round out this localvore meal, we suggest tossing it with fresh handmade pasta from The Arcadian (in our Deli Grab-n-go), Vermont Fresh Pasta (in the Bulk refrigerated section), or Grand Isle Pasta Company (in Bulk bins). This is a perfect 15-minute meal to kick off our September Eat Local Challenge!

Grilled Sausages, Onions, & Peppers

When it’s too darned hot to cook in the kitchen, grab a cold beverage, fire up the grill, and break out this very simple recipe. You’ll find most of the ingredients in our weekly sale from August 27th – September 2nd and they’re all LOCAL, so it’s a perfect way to kick off our annual Eat Local Challenge. 

Thai Red Curry Ramen

A 30-minute ramen recipe? Can it really be true? Thanks to the folks at Joe’s Kitchen in Montpelier, the long-simmered bone broth base for this recipe has already been prepared, so all that remains for you to do is to toss in the protein, veggies, and noodles and you’ve got a rich, flavorful ramen that tastes as though you’ve spent hours hunkered over the stove. You’ll find many of the ingredients featured in our weekly sale from February 27th – March 4th, so it’s a great time to give this one a try!

Creole Jambalaya

Planning a Mardi Gras celebration? Our weekly sale from February 20th – 26th celebrates Creole cuisine and we think you’ll love this jambalaya recipe! It comes from a staff member that grew up in the South and has fond memories of the food and cultural traditions surrounding the holiday. This jambalaya is a bit soupier than some traditional versions of the dish, but this is the way her family always made it so that there was plenty of spicy broth to sop up with a crusty baguette. 

Easy Lamb Curry

This lamb curry dish is the perfect weeknight one-pot meal. It comes together in 35 minutes but, thanks to the Maya Kaimal Simmer Sauce, it will taste as though it has been simmering and developing flavor all day long. You’ll find Maya Kaimal Simmer Sauces in our Indian Cuisine-themed weekly sale from February 13th – 19th, along with lamb, organic cauliflower, and a handful of other ingredients to help you pull this meal together without breaking the budget. 

Moong Dal Tadka

Dal is a layered dish with thousands of variations determined by everything from the availability of certain ingredients to family traditions. But amongst them all, two components are essential to dal: tender lentils and tempered spices. Soft-cooked lentils stewed in an aromatic broth full of onions, garlic, and ginger become the base of most dals. Tomatoes, potatoes, or other vegetables can be added as well, but those elements depend on the cook, the region, and the traditions that influence what goes in the pot. Our Indian Cuisine-themed weekly sale from February 13th – 19th features moong dal (split mung beans), so it’s a great time to give this comforting dish a try!


Planning a gathering for the big game?  Regardless of your sports fan status, we think you’ll love this hearty chili recipe. It’s a simple, one-pot meal that can feed a big crowd and it features a handful of ingredients from the weekly sale display from January 30th – February 5th, so it’s gentle on the budget. Using dried beans requires a little more advanced preparation (soaking) and a longer cooking time, but dried beans are much more economical and the longer cook time allows much more flavor to develop.  Cook up an extra-large pot and freeze the leftovers for a busier weeknight. You’ll be so glad you did!

Homemade Pizza

Making pizza at home might seem intimidating – especially compared to the relative ease of popping a pre-made frozen pie into the oven, but we think you’ll agree that nothing tastes better than homemade and the process is actually quite simple. PaneBelle’s organic pizza dough is featured in our weekly sale from January 16th – 22nd, along with local Maplebrook fresh mozzarella, local Bove’s pizza sauce, and a handful of perfect pizza toppings, so it’s an excellent time to try your hand at homemade pizza! Feel free to get creative with the toppings. This recipe makes 2 thin-crust 12” pizzas. If you prefer a thicker crust, follow the same instructions but create one larger pizza. 

Thai Coconut Soup

The weekly sale from January 9th – 15th celebrates Thai cuisine and we’re excited to share this quick, easy recipe that is guaranteed to take your taste buds on a trip to Thailand! When life gets busy and schedules are tight, it’s handy to throw together simple, healthy, one-pot meals that are so flavorful, they taste as if you spent hours preparing them. This one definitely fits the bill and, since it features so many sale ingredients, it’s great for a tight budget, too!