Co-op Spotlight on Henry & Lisa’s Natural Seafood

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Co-op Spotlight on Henry & Lisa’s Natural Seafood

Henry & Lisa’s Natural Seafood, based in Seattle, Washington is our Member Deals Producer of the Week from March 31st – April 6th. During this time, member-owners can enjoy 20% their full line of sustainable seafood products!

Henry & Lisa Lovejoy launched their company in 1999 with the belief that there are many concerned people just like them who care about where their food comes from, care for the environment, and desire a source of all natural premium quality seafood from environmentally sustainable fisheries. Having spent 10 years in the seafood industry traveling around the globe and visiting seafood exchanges from Tokyo to Paris, Beijing to Madrid, they witnessed the astounding volume of seafood being sold each day on these exchanges, and noticed the size of many of the fish decreasing. Simultaneously, there was more and more news that numerous species were being fished to the point of commercial extinction. It became very evident that the world is harvesting our oceans faster than they can replenish themselves, and these resources need better management.
Henry & Lisa both have a deep respect for and great appreciation of the oceans. As a youngster, Henry was inspired by Jacques Cousteau, spent time volunteering at the New England Aquarium, and learned to scuba dive. Now as avid scuba divers and sea kayakers, whenever they have a chance, they are out exploring the ocean and feeling their love and respect for it grow.
Much has changed since Henry first sat down to write the EcoFish business plan. Today you can find EcoFish/Henry & Lisa’s in over 3,500 grocery/natural food stores and many restaurants nationwide. But, a lot has stayed the same. They continue to source the finest seafood available from both well managed wild fisheries and state of the art eco-friendly aquaculture operations.
From how they purchase their seafood, to their 100% recycled packaging, to the renewable energy that powers their office, to the many marine & conservation causes they support, each purchase of Henry & Lisa’s Natural Seafood helps them further their mission.

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  • reply Trish Rusk ,

    I bought a box of “wild salmon burgers”. Waited for a special time to try it. Thank goodness I was making a green salad with lots of different veggies. I followed directions to a T. It didn’t act like salmon when I tried to flake it to check doneness. The color was gray. Tasted like cat food. bummer.

    • reply coop-admin ,

      Hi Trish! So sorry to hear that your experience with these salmon burgers was unpleasant! We’d be happy to refund your purchase. May we suggest trying a traditional salmon filet, rather than the burger if you’re hoping for the traditional salmon flakiness? You might find it more to your liking. Feel free to try a package of salmon filets on us next time you’re in the store! Just let the cashier know that Emily said it was okay to grab a pack and they can page me if they have any questions. Thanks for the feedback!! We really appreciate it.
      Emily Landenberger

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