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Spotlight on American Flatbread

Our Member Deals Spotlight shines brightly on a company with humble roots here in Vermont – American Flatbread! From May 26th – June 1st, member-owners can enjoy 20% off American Flatbread’s products (applies only to frozen flatbreads here at the Co-op, not at their fabulous restaurants). Read on to learn more about the history and mission of this locally-born company:


George Schenk, the founder of American Flatbread, founded his business with a firm understanding that food is more than what’s on the plate, which he shares in “The Five Faces of Food” and his simple phrase, “food Remembers the acts of the hands and heart.”

“Food is important. What we eat and how it’s grown intimately affects our health and the well-being of the world,” says Schenk. He created American Flatbread based on the philosophy of food for the greater good, and the company remains committed to building upon that legacy.

American Flatbread was born in Waitsfield, Vermont, but demand for frozen flatbreads soon outgrew the humble kitchens of their flagship location. Rustic Crust, the company that now produces American Flatbread frozen pizzas, took over the reins and says that they’re proud that George entrusted them with his mission and they remain committed to upholding it. 

Headquartered in New Hampshire, Rustic Crust continues to work with fresh, all-natural ingredients to bring you the authentic flavor you’ve come to know and love. According to Rustic Crust CEO Brad Sterl, “Our two good-for-you pizza brands make their home in the beautiful New England countryside, and are made by real people and using real ingredients. American Flatbread frozen pizzas feature 100% organically grown wheat crusts and topped with fresh herbs, vegetables, and the finest of cheeses (no rBST growth hormone!). They’re all-natural, with no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, and handcrafted from scratch and par-baked in wood-fired ovens.

Truly nutritious, light, crisp, and flavorful — convenience without compromise – American Flatbread pizzas are honestly delicious, the best premium frozen pizza bar none, for people who care about pizza and the planet.


Spotlight on Red Hen Baking Company

Our Member Deals Spotlight is beaming on Red Hen Baking Company this week! Member-owners can enjoy 20% off their full line of freshly baked breads from May 19th – 25th. Read on to learn more about this wonderful local bakery that’s been turning out fresh organic bread 7 days a week for over 20 years!



The folks at Red Hen Baking Company are guided by a belief that pure, uncomplicated ingredients and the hands of skilled artisans are the building blocks for great food. Their bakery sprouted from humble beginnings with a staff of 8 on Route 100 in Duxbury, VT back in 1999. They were committed to using organic ingredients since the very beginning and became an established presence in the area’s many cooperative and independent food stores. Their bread was beginning to appear at more and more of the area’s finest restaurants and they became mainstays of the Montpelier and Waitsfield Farmers’ Markets. To this day, these venues still make up the core of their wholesale business.

After 8 years of hard work in Duxbury and a seasoned staff that had grown to over 20 employees (many of whom are still with the bakery today), they had the opportunity to move 5 miles down the road to the neighboring town of Middlesex. It was here that they established their new baking facility in a building constructed especially for their purposes with an attached café in a renovated building that housed the former Camp Meade Diner.

Their café has become known as a local destination and gathering place where people can enjoy not only the bread they’re so well known for, but also their increasingly lauded pastries, sandwiches, and soups. To supplement their own creations, the cafe also features beer, wine, and specialty food from near and far. Next time you’re cruising through Middlesex, be sure to stop in!

Although Red Hen has grown considerably since those early days in Duxbury, they remain dedicated to creating the very best food from the best possible ingredients. You can’t make great food without great flour (or potatoes or seeds or meal, as the case may be), so a great deal of time and energy is spent sourcing the very best of these items. In many cases, the folks at Red Hen are closely acquainted with the farmers and millers that are responsible for producing the raw materials used for baking their breads. In fact, over 90% of all the flour they use comes from two farmers within 150 miles of the bakery. Each year, 430,000 lbs of local wheat go into their breads!

Members of the Red Hen Baking Crew visiting Les Cedres farm in Quebec where some of the organic grain for their bread is grown.

They employ methods that are as old as bread making itself and these processes guide their days at the bakery. This method of slow fermentation produces a complexity of flavor, a chewy texture, helps the bread to keep longer, and even adds to its nutritive value. Each loaf is then formed by hand and baked in a hearth oven. The Red Hen family of breads runs the gamut from dense whole grain varieties to light and airy ciabatta and everything in between.

Red Hen Baker Randy unloading fresh baked baguettes

Giving Back

Like any good hen, the folks at Red Hen feel a responsibility to do what they can to nurture the community that has nurtured them. There is never a shortage of work to be done and there are so many good organizations doing that work, but each year their staff selects a few organizations that they would like to support. Last year they directed over $26,000 to the following organizations doing work both close to home and further afield:

To learn more about Red Hen Baking, check out their web page! You can view their cafe menu, read all about their diverse bread offerings, and find great tips for storing your bread to maximize freshness.


Spotlight on Renew Life

Looking to spice up your Wellness routine? Renew Life is featured in our Member Deals Spotlight this week and member-owners can enjoy a 20% discount on their full line of supplements from April 21st – 27th! Read on to learn more about this company and the inspiration that drives them to succeed:

Renew Life is rooted in the firm understanding that gut wellness is the foundation of good health. Twenty-five years ago, their founder Brenda Watson couldn’t find the solution to her own gut health issues and struggled to receive answers to her questions. She couldn’t find products on store shelves that could meet her needs, so she made her own solution. And ever since, the team at Renew Life has continued that legacy, helping countless others find relief, share their stories, and rise to their full potential.

Renew Life offers a full spectrum of award-winning, digestive-care supplements and functional foods, formulated from the highest quality ingredients derived from nature, with no artificial ingredients. Perhaps as equally important as the ingredients that are in their products are the ingredients that are absent from their products. They are committed to providing natural health product supplements with no artificial colors, unnecessary preservatives, or other unnecessary added materials of any kind. Renew Life stands behind the purity, potency, and efficacy of every product they develop, and their exceptional customer service, comprehensive educational programs, and superior manufacturing practices set the benchmark for others in the industry.

At Renew Life, they strive to:

  • Identify probiotic strains on package for the majority of their products
  • Guarantee potency through expiration
  • Back their claims with competent and reliable scientific evidence and clinically studied strain amounts
  • Have DNA verification of strain ID for the majority of products
  • Have third-party verification of probiotic potency and quality
  • Use scientific support to deliver live probiotics to your gut


Spotlight on Lundberg Family Farms

This week, the Co-op Spotlight shines brightly on Lundberg Family Farms!  Member-Owners can enjoy 20% off their entire line of rice, rice chips, rice cakes, and risottos from April 7th – 13th! Read on to learn more about this fourth-generation family-owned company and its commitment to socially and environmentally responsible practices for more than 80 years:

Since the company was first founded by Nebraska natives Albert & Frances Lundberg in 1937, Lundberg Family Farms has remained a family-owned and operated company committed to producing the finest quality rice and rice products for your family, while respecting and sustaining the earth. Today, over 80 years later, the third and fourth generations carry on the family heritage by using organic and eco-positive farming methods that produce wholesome, healthful rice and rice products while improving and protecting the environment for generations to come.

Founder Albert Lundberg, a survivor of the dust bowl, understood the importance of caring for the soil. He recognized that the dust bowl resulted from poor soil management and short-sighted farming techniques. With this in mind, the Lundbergs made a choice to avoid growing typical conventional rice.  Their Certified Organic and Eco-Farmed rice is grown with a concern for the environment. They treat the soil, air, and water as important resources, respecting the delicate balance of nature. They are a proud participant of the Non-GMO Project, and positioned their company as an early leader in organic farming, energy conservation, use of renewable energy, providing safe and fair working conditions, and many other environmentally responsible and socially responsible practices.

A FAMILY TRADITION_1_Min from Lundberg Family Farms on Vimeo.

Lundberg Family Farms was founded on the belief of “leaving the land better than you found it.” This belief originated on the farm and helped them become a leader in organic farming. Over time, this belief has been integrated into all operations, from growing rice to producing products. Sustainability is written into every job description. It is part of everyday work on the farm and in their facilities. Lundberg’s focus on organic, non-GMO, and diverse grains helps create a food system that doesn’t drain our earth’s resources, and that puts meals on your table that are of the highest quality in every way.

Lundberg Family Farms has been a TRUE Zero Waste Certified facility since 2016 and diverts 99.6% of its waste from landfills.

As they grow and expand, they will continue to implement energy conservation and renewable energy, waste reduction and resource efficiency, safe and fair working conditions, along with many other practices that are environmentally and socially responsible. Lundberg partners with the Sustainable Food Trade Association (SFTA), One Step Closer to an Organic and Sustainable Community (OSC2), and the Climate Collaborative (CC) to help reduce their climate impacts as an organization. Click here to view their 2021 Sustainability Report.


IN PARTNERSHIP WITH NATURE_1 min from Lundberg Family Farms on Vimeo.

Spotlight on Near East

Near East Foods is basking in the glow of the Member Deals Spotlight this week, which means that member-owners can enjoy a 20% discount on all of their products from March 31st – April 6th! Read on to learn more about the humble beginnings of this company and its commitment to Fair Trade:


Near East started in 1962 in Worcester, MA as a small, family-owned company. George and Hannah Kalajian immigrated from Armenia to the United States and set up a grocery store in 1940. Soon after the store opened, Hannah began serving sandwiches and home-cooked hot meals at a twelve-stool luncheonette counter adjoining the grocery store. On Wednesdays, Hannah served her specialty: roasted chicken and Armenian-style rice pilaf. A tasty combination of rice, orzo pasta, and seasoning, the pilaf quickly became so popular that Hannah began to package it – filling bags of pilaf mix by hand in her home kitchen. As demand rapidly increased, more help was added and a growing number of food distributors helped to sell the product. Over the years, production moved out of Hannah’s kitchen and into modern manufacturing facilities.

Today the Near East family of products includes more than 30 different flavors and varieties of rice pilaf, couscous, and other grain dishes, all with the same high-quality ingredients, care, and handling that Hannah put into the first batch of pilaf. Their easy-to-prepare products offer you a variety of great tastes and authentic flavors from around the world.

Near East takes pride in using only the best ingredients in their products. Most Near East products are Certified Kosher and many are Non-GMO Verified. They remain dedicated to simple, high-quality food made with recognizable ingredients and authentic herbs and spices.

Fair Trade Partnership

For the folks at Near East, Fair Trade means going back to the source to ensure that the farmers who grow their ingredients are equitably paid and are empowered to invest in their communities. Near East is proud to source Fair Trade Certified™ quinoa. Sourcing Fair Trade means empowering quinoa farming communities through an additional investment that preserves the environment, ensures fair labor practices, and builds sustainable communities.

Business of the Month: Middlebury Fitness

Looking to give your workout routine a spring makeover? Or perhaps you’ve set some new fitness goals and you’re ready to take that first step? We invite you to check out this month’s featured Co-op Connection Business — Middlebury Fitness! Flash your Co-op member-owner card and you’ll receive 50% off the enrollment fee and your first class or workout is FREE! Read on to learn more about what this community wellness center has to offer:



Middlebury Fitness is a community health and wellness center founded in 1997 that puts its members’ needs first. Their facility features a wide variety of the most current strength and cardio equipment by the leading brands in the industry. Is group fitness your thing? They offer a variety of live and remote programs and group fitness classes to meet the diverse and ever-changing needs of their member base, ranging from ages 13 to 93. Click here for their class calendar and descriptions. Other services and amenities include personal trainingfree equipment orientationsathletic performance trainingDietician consultationssaunas, and more!

The crew at Middlebury Fitness is incredibly proud to be so active in this great community and annually receives recognition and awards for various initiatives. For the past four consecutive years, they have received the United Way of Addison County’s “Partner Award” for an annual event that has raised $60,000 for our local friends and families in need since 2014. Wow!! They were also the 2018 recipients of the prestigious BOB (Best of Business) award in the Health Club category by Vermont Business Magazine. 

At Middlebury Fitness they understand that you have options when it comes to your health and fitness needs. They aim to meet and exceed their members’ expectations every day and believe they have some of the most attentive, caring, professional, and knowledgeable instructors, personal trainers, and staff you will find. Their ultimate goal at Midd Fit is to ensure that each of their members achieves their personal fitness goals while experiencing exceptional customer service in a supportive atmosphere of fun and camaraderie.

If you are a current member, they’d like to extend a sincere THANK YOU for being a part of the Midd Fit family! If you are not yet a member, please visit and let Middlebury Fitness guide you through your fitness journey today! And don’t forget to mention that you’re a Co-op member-owner!

Spotlight on CLIF

Warmer weather is returning and outdoor adventures await, so we think you’ll be excited to hear that CLIF Bar & Company is featured in our Member Deals Spotlight! Member-owners can enjoy a 20% discount on their full line of protein bars from March 24th – 30th so it’s a great time to stock up and save before hitting the trail! Read on to learn more about this employee-owned business and the forces that drive them to do things differently:


In 1990, during a one-day, 175-mile bike ride—forever to be known as The Epiphany Ride—an exhausted and hungry Gary Erickson realized he couldn’t choke down another unappetizing energy bar. And just like that, the idea for a better tasting bar was born! Erikson spent a few years testing recipes in his mother’s kitchen until he landed on the first CLIF bar recipe and he chose to name it after his father, Clifford, who first introduced him to wilderness adventures and encouraged him to follow his passions in life. 

Ten years later, the company was enjoying success and making an impact in the food scene when Erikson and his partner Kit Crawford were presented with a $120-million offer to sell the company. Ultimately, they chose to walk away from this offer, keeping the company family-owned and values-focused, recognizing that to do more good in the world, CLIF needed to stay private, grow naturally, and sustain itself over time – patience over greed, purpose guiding profit.

By 2010, they took this a step farther by transitioning the business to an employee-owned model by offering 20% of their family-owned common stock to CLIF employees through an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). CLIF funds the ESOP annually—it costs employees nothing. Kind of like a 401k plan, except that employees don’t have to put any of their own money into it! With each passing year, employees receive more shares from Clif Bar, the price per share hopefully grows in value, and upon retirement, employees sell their shares back to CLIF, which pays them the value of the stock at that time.

When it comes to doing business, the folks at CLIF Bar & Company believe in a different kind of bottom-line guided by 5 aspirations: 

Sustaining our People

Being family- and employee-owned means taking care of their people and their families because healthy, inspired people create delicious and nutritious food. CLIF offers paid volunteer and workout time (with their own in-house trainers), subsidized on-site daycare for all the little Clifsters, six-week paid sabbaticals, and an employee stock-ownership program.

Sustaining our Communities

From the volunteer work they do locally to the way they source ingredients globally, their commitment to the communities they touch is an important part of their identity. Globally, this means sourcing organic and sustainably grown food. For example, their cacao and palm oil are Rainforest Alliance Certified™. The Rainforest Alliance supports a healthy environment, promotes the well-being of workers and their communities, and strictly prohibits child labor.

They also created In Good Company® – an alliance of values-driven businesses working together for a shared purpose. They listen to people in local communities define their needs and then volunteer time to tackle projects focused on food, environmental restoration, and rebuilding after natural disasters.

Last but not least, CLIF® CORPS encourages CLIF employees to volunteer their services in the community on company time. The way they see it, cultivating community together makes them stronger as individuals and as a company. 

Sustaining the Planet

The team at CLIF is inspired by the challenge of running a business based on ecological principles. They describe their model for sustainability in four simple words: Think Like a Tree. Trees run on renewable energy, recycle all waste, and sustain and improve the places they grow. As a food company, Think Like a Tree means that CLIF is working to craft food with organic, sustainable ingredients, made with renewable energy, packed in eco-friendly packaging, and delivered by transportation that doesn’t pollute. 84% of their ingredients are Certified Organic and/or Certified Sustainable, 90% of their waste is diverted from landfills and incinerators from CLIF bakeries, and they use 100% green power for their LEED-certified facilities. Click here to learn more about CLIF Bar & Company’s sustainability initiatives.

Sustaining our Brands

Creating brands with integrity, quality, and authenticity means crafting good food from sustainably sourced ingredients. Their commitment to organic and sustainably sourced ingredients guides them to make the right choices for farmers, communities, and the awesome people who love our CLIF®, LUNA®, and CLIF Kid® brands. They listen attentively to athletes, foodies, and the people they meet at events to tap natural demand and follow long-term trends, not short-term fads. But most importantly, they never lose sight of the fact that all the food from each of their brands is a tasty expression of their values and helps contribute to a healthier, more sustainable planet.

Sustaining our Business

Building a healthy, resilient company means that CLIF can invest in the long term, be a catalyst for change, and do more good in the world. Today, remaining a healthy business gives them the power to support their brands, their people, their community, and the planet…not to mention have a ton of fun doing it every day!

Spotlight on Daily Chocolate

Looking for something sweet for your sweetie? Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with your partner, observing Galentine’s Day with your best gals, or simply treating yourself to some self-love this Valentine’s Day, we think that a special treat from Daily Chocolate is a perfect way to celebrate. Our Member Deals Spotlight shines brightly on this local chocolatier and all of their decadently delicious products are 20% off for member-owners from February 10th – 16th. Read on to learn more about this sweet little chocolate shop hailing from Vergennes, Vermont, and the people who put the love into the chocolate:

Daily Chocolate opened in 2006, the creation of Florey Mahoney and her partner Chris White. Three years later, after planting firm roots at 7 Green Street, the shop was purchased by Jen Roberts and Judd Markowski, an extended family of the shop’s originators.

Jen continued to operate the Daily Chocolate for the next ten years, vastly expanding the menu, and growing its reputation for creating delectable and unique confections. Under Jen’s creativity, she expanded the wholesale markets throughout Addison and Chittenden Counties. Thanks to Jen, Daily Chocolate can be found at numerous coffee shops, farms, and healthy food markets. Helping Jen along the way was Christina Caniyo, author, apothecary, and chocolatier, who was with the shop since it first opened in 2005. Also, a regular at Daily Chocolate, Vergennes artist and chocolatier Bethany Farrell.

On December 1st of 2020 Daily Chocolate changed hands once again. Leading the shop into a new decade is artist and chocolatier Dawn Wagner.

Dawn’s first foray into chocolate was in the mid-’90s at Lake Champlain Chocolates. During her three years there she created some of the factory’s finer chocolates, produced entirely by hand, including many sculptures and other decorative pieces. After moving to NYC to pursue her theatrical career, Dawn continued to make chocolate both professionally for El Eden in the East Village, and privately through her own company cocoSNAP!

In 2016, after nearly 20 years in NYC working both Off and On-Broadway, Dawn, and her husband, actor Jeremy Holm made their triumphant return to Vergennes, Vermont. An old family friend to Jen’s husband Judd, Dawn immediately began working seasonally at Daily Chocolate beside Jen, and very happily joined the team full-time in the spring of 2019.

It is one of Dawn’s dreams-come-true to not only operate a chocolate shop but to be able to do it surrounded by friends and family in her home town.

Quality Ingredients

Daily Chocolate works hard to choose the finest ingredients for our recipes. We use natural, whole foods, free of artificial flavors and colors. Our chocolate is soy-free, and all of our recipes have been modified to remove corn syrup and white sugar. We are committed to shopping locally and organic whenever possible. We are happy to support our local farmers by using Monument Farms dairy, local Vermont maple syrup, & honey, Lincoln Peak Wine, and Cabot Creamery’s butter.


Daily Chocolate is committed to the wellbeing of our planet. Over the past few years, we have worked hard to reduce excessive plastics and increase recycled and biodegradable packaging and shipping materials. Please don’t forget about the luckiest chickens in Addison County, the recipients of the contents of the Daily Chocolate compost bin.

Ethical Practices

We are grateful for the equatorial farmers of West Africa and South America who grow the magical Theobroma Cacao plants that give us chocolate. We promise to source ethically and work with companies who comply with international standards, to end child and slave labor, and to pay these hard-working farm families a fair wage.


Making Chocolate is like making theatre. It’s magical, a little mysterious, and when done correctly, it’s moving. Here at Daily Chocolate, we are committed to keeping our ideas fresh, our flavors inventive, and our look beautiful.

Spotlight on Caroline’s Dream

We’re shining a bright Member Deals Spotlight this week on a local favorite that provides handcrafted, lovingly created products to keep our skin healthy and glowing even through the depths of a Vermont winter – Caroline’s Dream! Our entire line of Caroline’s Dream small-batch skincare products is 20% off for member-owners from February 3rd – 9th, so it’s a perfect time to stock up your skincare stash! Read on to learn more about the maker of this skincare line and the inspiration behind her brand:

The seed for Caroline’s Dream was planted over 24 years ago when founder Susan Shashok began her quest for a line of chemical-free skincare products suitable for her sensitive, acne-prone skin. That fruitless search inspired Susan to tap into her knowledge of herbs, agriculture science, and entrepreneurship to explore the possibility of creating a product lineup of her own. After many experimental batches tested on herself, her friends, and her family, Shashok dialed in on the precise alchemy from which her signature line of highly effective, handcrafted skincare products would rise. Her products are free of sulfates, parabens, and animal testing, and are crafted using sustainably-sourced ingredients and environmentally friendly packaging.

Throughout the creative process, Susan drew inspiration from her grandmother Caroline, who had a deep love of medicinal herbs, a pride in handcrafting, and a Pennsylvania Dutch work ethic. As the daughter of two artists, Caroline is described by Susan as “not of myth or legend but a real woman that should never be confused with being ordinary.” Though she passed away when Susan was a teenager, her legacy is alive and well both in the treasured physical works of art that she bestowed upon her family — quilts, Christmas ornaments, and crochet work — and also in the spirit of art, integrity, and craftsmanship present in the Caroline’s Dream line of products.

Shashok describes herself as an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys spending time hiking and biking across Vermont. Perhaps you’ve seen her delivering her products to the Co-op on her signature red bike? It’s the magical sort of thing that can only be achieved when working at a hyper-local human scale and we feel lucky to have the opportunity to be a part of it. 

Spotlight on Starbird Fish

Being landlocked as we are, the very notion of “local” seafood seems implausible, but thanks to the team at Starbird Fish in Burlington, we are able to have the next best thing — sustainably sourced Alaskan seafood, harvested by Vermonters for Vermonters. Their small crew makes the annual voyage to Alaska to bestow Vermonters with the very best seafood available and provides us with a unique opportunity to know our fishermen. Starbird is featured in our Member Deals Spotlight from January 20th – 26th, so it’s a great time to stock up the freezer! Read on to learn more about this unique local business and the crew that makes the magic happen:


With over a decade of experience as a commercial fisherman, Anthony “Captain Tony” Naples has been involved in all aspects of the trade, including building his own commercial fishing boats under the tutelage of legendary boat builder Lyford Stanley. Prior to launching his career as a fisherman, the Moretown, VT native explored prior stints as a farmer, a design/build craftsman and carpenter, a botanist, a lighthouse restoration expert, a photographer, a filmmaker, and a musician. In short, there’s not much that Anthony can’t do. But what really floats his boat is to spend his summers immersed in the pristine environs of Alaska’s Bristol Bay, then return home to share his modest catch with his friends, family, and community. 

After experiencing the rigors and extractive nature of the typical commercial fishing scene, he realized his preference for a different style and pace involving a more sustainable means of harvesting fish. In addition to captaining his own boat, he returns each year to the tight-knit Ugashik fishing community of Bristol Bay, where he teams up with longtime friends to practice a form of salmon fishing known as set netting. The Ugashik region is home to the largest sockeye salmon run in the world and is managed by the State of Alaska Fish and Game Department, whose team of state biologists ensures that a healthy number of fish return to the ecosystem every year.

It takes five separate flights to arrive at the comma-shaped estuary formed where the Ugashik River empties into Bristol Bay, on the western coast of the Alaska Peninsula. Upon arrival, the play-by-play goes something like this:  prep the gear; check the tides; check-in with Alaska Fish and Game to learn of his “openers” which are the acceptable windows during which the salmon can be sustainably harvested; set the nets; catch the fish; harvest the fish from the nets; immediately deliver the catch to a “tender”, which is a nearby boat that cools the fish using a seawater refrigeration system and delivers them to the processor, who then flash freezes the fish and prepares it for shipment back to Vermont. These steps take place over a 24-hour period and are repeated for the duration of the salmon run. 


Upon arrival in Vermont, some of the fish is smoked and stored in a facility in Burlington, while the rest of the frozen fish is warehoused at the Mad River Food Hub in Waitsfield until it finds its way to the Burlington Farmers’ Market and to the shelves of various food co-ops, restaurants, and other small markets across Vermont. According to a feature in Edible Vermont, Anthony explains that “the future for small seafood producers is in the artisanal food market. I want to provide high-quality product to restaurants and farmers’ markets, places where people care about the source of their seafood.” He continues, “There’s a lot of junk that’s sold as seafood, as well as misinformation bordering on outright lies about origins and freshness.” When you choose to purchase fish from Starbird, you’re supporting every aspect from fisherman to fishery, and that level of transparency and authenticity is critical for Anthony. 

In an effort to create an authentic, transparent regional seafood supply chain, Anthony created the Northern Seafood Alliance – an organization with a mission to provide consumers access to wild fish and seafood caught by fishermen whom Anthony knows personally. He quips in the Edible Vermont piece that half of them are UVM grads.  He also notes that “Cranberry” Bob Lesnikoski of Fletcher, Vermont, who you more likely know as Vermont’s only commercial cranberry farmer, has been a great resource. “He’s a true jack-of-all-trades and savvy about the food scene. Bob’s a commercial fisherman himself, and he came out to Alaska to crew on one of my boats.” 

At the Co-op, you’ll find a supreme lineup of Starbird Fish, including Alaskan Coho salmon, King salmon, Sockeye Salmon, Rockfish, Halibut, and Cod. When you take it home to prepare it, we hope you’ll think of Captain Tony and the incredible journey that he takes each year to bring fish to your family’s table.