Localvore Cottage Pie

As our September Eat Local Challenge rolls on we hope you’re enjoying the bounty that Vermont has to offer! We’ve been thrilled to see the rows of corn kernels continuing to grow on our Big Corn at the store entry, indicating the dollars paid to local farmers and producers thus far this month! And our Weekly Sale from September 22nd – 28th features another lineup of local ingredients that can be pulled together into this tasty localvore Cottage Pie that will earn you points in the Eat Local Challenge and help us add even more kernels to Big Corn! 

Localvore Pizza

What do you get when you layer local Vermont Fresh basil pesto, Maplebrook Farm fresh mozzarella, Dell’Amore pizza sauce, and local, organic red peppers onto Slice of Vermont fresh pizza dough? A localvore pie that raises the pizza night bar to new heights! You’ll find these ingredients featured in our Weekly Sale from September 8th – 14th at a great price, and they’ll all help you tally points in the September Eat Local Challenge. They’ll also help us continue to add kernels to the Big Corn located at the Co-op entry, which tracks dollars paid to local farmers and producers all month long! 


Localvore Baguette

This sweet and savory combination of local ingredients makes an excellent localvore lunch or dinner, whether you’re dining in or enjoying a late summer picnic. You’ll find many of the ingredients featured in the Weekly Sale from September 1st – 7th, including Champlain Valley Creamery’s Organic Champlain Triple Cream cheese, Red Hen Baguettes, and Champlain Orchard’s apples, so it’s a perfect time to give this one a try!

Locavore Skillet Frittata

This delicious, versatile frittata is the perfect locavore breakfast (or lunch, or dinner) and will score you some points in the Eat Local Challenge. It features a handful of ingredients that can be found in our Weekly Sale from September 16th – 22nd, including local eggs from Shangri-La Farm, local bacon from McKenzie Meats, and local, organic cream cheese from Champlain Valley Creamery. It’s also a perfect catch-all for other local produce that you may want to add to the mix, such as spinach, arugula, peppers, or mushrooms, so feel free to get creative with the add-ins! If you’re looking for a meatless version, simply omit the bacon and increase the cooking fat by about 2 tablespoons.

Nutty Steph’s Gets Even More Local

Nutty Steph’s is celebrating recent improvements that make their classic local product vastly more desirable for “Localvores”. The change came from a partnership with woman-owned milling company, Maine Grains, as the source for the oats used in Nutty Steph’s Vermont Granola. Simultaneously, the last two years brought major improvements to the Nutty Steph’s baking process, which allows the company to pay more for the oats while not raising the price of their Vermont Granola. “We are so proud of our granola now that we want everyone to try it.” says company founder, Jaquelyn Fernandez Rieke.

Nutty Steph’s Vermont Granola had always been made with Vermont maple syrup, making it 28% local, but with the Maine Grains oats, the granola is now made with 78% local ingredients. “During our first 12 years, I struggled about trucking in oats from so far away, sometimes as far as Vancouver. It broke my heart, really, that we had no feasible source for local oats. I am soaring about the changes. To have finally found a local company, woman-owned, milling an organically grown oat is one thing, but it’s a whole other thing to afford the more expensive oat without passing on the cost to our customers. We relocated to a new bakery and can make more granola at a lower cost.”

Maine Grains mills the oats to order for Nutty Steph’s and ships them fresh because of a delicate constitution that results from their traditional milling process. Dry-rolled oats are rare in today’s marketplace because big agricultural markets necessitate they be warehoused for as much as two years before getting eaten.  Nutty Steph’s baker Amanda Copeland explains the “our palettes from Maine Grain are practically alive. The consistency varies a lot from week to week as we go through a certain batch of oats. We adjust the bake according to the mood of the oats.” The reward for this tedious attention to the “living oat” is a richer texture. Plus, compared to their storage-warrior steam-rolled counterpart, the dry-rolled oats are nutritionally superior.

Localvore is a food movement started in 2005 by three women in the San Francisco Bay area seeking to promote the combustion of local foods. Wikipedia defines it as eating foods “grown in the same geographic region, in order to develop more self-reliant and resilient food networks; improve local economies; or to have an impact on the health, environment, community, or society.”

Nutty Steph’s has made impeccable granola and chocolate since 2003, selling directly to eaters, co-ops and natural & independent grocers. The company works to cultivate community togetherness and innovate the workplace-as-human-relational-field of consciousness. Their shop, located at 961C US Route 2 in Middlesex, VT is open daily with free chocolate & granola tastings. It’s part of the Middleground business community, also home to The Hive Craft Collective, Mud Pottery Studio & Gallery, and Red Hen Baking Company, making it a particularly fun place to stop and browse. Be sure to swing by on your next trip through Middlesex and, in the meantime, you can find their granola and chocolate here at the Co-op!

The Localvore’s Holiday Pantry

Looking to stock up your pantry with holiday staples from local farmers and producers? Here’s a handy guide to the local offerings by department:


The produce department is bursting with holiday staples from local farms including plenty of winter squash, potatoes, carrots, parsnips, beets, turnips, rutabagas, apples, apple cider, cabbage, cranberries, and winter greens like kale and spinach. The local farms we have to thank for this abundance include Golden Russet, Elmer Farm, Four Pillars Farm, Burnt Rock Farm, New Leaf Organics, Harlow Farm, Champlain Orchards, Sunrise Orchard, and Vermont Cranberry Company.


In Bulk, you’ll find lots of local items to meet your holiday baking needs including whole wheat flours, all-purpose flours, bread flours, pastry flours, and cornmeal thanks to Gleason Grains, King Arthur Flour, and Nitty Gritty Grains. You’ll also find local maple syrup from Hillsboro Sugarworks and honey from Singing Cedars Apiaries & However Wild.


The grocery department is well stocked with local holiday favorites including packaged flours from King Arthur Flour; Olivia’s stuffing mixes; maple syrup from Hillsboro Sugarworks, Werner’s, & Shaker Maple Farm, honey from Lemon Fair Honeyworks, Singing Cedars, Champlain Valley Apiaries, However Wild Farm, and Ariel’s Honey Infusions; maple sugar from Little Hogback Farm; pastry crusts from Krin’s Bakery and Kiss Tart; pepper jelly from Jed’s; and an abundant selection of jams, preserves, and chutneys from Blake Hill Preserves.

Cheese & Dairy:

Our cheese case boasts over 100 different local cheese options for your holiday cheese platters! The dairy case offers milk & heavy cream from Monument Farms, Strafford Organic Creamery, and Kimball Brook Farm. Vermont Creamery & Kimball Brook Farm have creamy, delicious local butter. You can also find Vermont Creamery’s mascarpone and creme fraiche, plus there are plenty of eggs from a number of local farms. Also, be sure not to miss the local eggnog from Strafford – it’s a staff favorite!

Deli & Bakery:

An abundance of breads and rolls come to us from Red Hen, The Bakery, The Manghis’, O Bread, La Panciata, & Klinger’s. You’ll also find stuffing mix from La Panciata, along with a gluten-free stuffing from West Meadow Farm Bakery. If it’s pies you’re craving, our bakery offers fresh house-made pies, plus local pies from Krin’s Bakery, Champlain Orchards, and Red Door Bakery.

Champlain Orchards Apple Pie. Photo by S.P. Reid

Localvore Lasagna

In honor of our September Eat Local Challenge, we wanted to share a recipe for a Localvore Lasagna that will knock your socks off! It features a lineup of fantastic local ingredients, many of which are featured in our weekly sale from September 15th – 21st, so it’s a great time to give it a try!