Cool Dinners for Warm Summer Nights

Grilled Pork with Bok Choy and Stone Fruit

Looking to pull together a restaurant-quality meal without heating up the kitchen? We think you’ll love this one! It combines a handful of ingredients featured in our Weekly Sale from August 11th – 17th, including in-house-cut pork chops, and organic pluots! With a quick marinade and a few turns on the grill, you’ll be feasting on this healthy, delicious meal from the cool comfort of your kitchen!


Marinated Zucchini Salad

Looking for a new way to enjoy zucchini? This six-ingredient recipe offers a simple way to prepare this versatile veggie without even needing to heat up your kitchen. Our weekly sale from June 9th – 15th features organic zucchini along with a handful of other items that are perfect for a picnic, potluck, or a simple no-cook meal at home, so it’s a perfect time to give this dish a try! This dish will keep for a day or two, but it is best served just after the herbs are added.

Coconut Sesame Quinoa Salad

This recipe comes from the home kitchen of MNFC deli staffer, Ian Ross, and is featured in our July/August newsletter. It’s one of Ian’s favorite recipes and can be made with any color of quinoa. Unfortunately, when we printed it in our newsletter, we forgot one very important ingredient – the coconut! We apologize for any culinary mishaps this may have caused and hope you’ll give it another try! This salad is a winner because It’s packed with healthy ingredients, it can be made in advance, and it makes for a perfect cool meal on a hot summer night.