This fruit and nut dish is traditionally served with matzoh during the Passover Seder to represent the mortar enslaved Jews used to build the pyramids. Though the ingredients vary depending on the family and the region from which it evolved, this particular version features fresh apples, nuts, dates, sweet wine, honey, and cinnamon. Ideally, the dish is made the day before so that the flavors have time to meld. The leftovers are a perfect addition to your morning yogurt! You’ll find the ingredients featured in our Passover-themed weekly sale from March 30th – April 5th — just in time for your Passover Seder!

Passover Braised Lamb with Dried Fruit

This hearty dish is a play on tsimmes, a traditional Jewish casserole. The bold flavors of North Africa and the Middle East are on display in this dish and braising the meat in red wine yields a tender cut of meat without a lot of work. You’ll find many of the ingredients in our Passover-themed weekly sale from March 25th – 31st, making this a budget-friendly meal the whole family will love.

Where’s the Matzo?

As you prepare for Passover, you might be looking for the perfect Matzo (or perhaps Matza, Matzah, Matzot, or Matzoh, depending on your preference) to accompany your Seder. Look no further! We’ve got several options for you to choose from, while supplies last:


Vermatzah – This Vermont Artisan Matzah is wood-fired using VT-grown organic wheat and emmer from Naga Bakehouse in Middletown Springs, VT. Find it in our bakery section.

Patchwork Farm & Bakery – This local matzoh hails from East Hardwick, VT and it’s brick-oven baked using organic grains. Find it in our bakery section.

Manischewitz – First founded in 1888 by Rabbi Dov Behr in Ohio, and now headquartered in New Jersey, this organic and non-GMO verified Matzo can be found in grocery aisle 2.

MNFC Matzo Ball Soup –  Our fabulous MNFC deli crew will be cooking up fresh batches of Matzo Ball Soup periodically throughout Passover, so look for that in our deli department!