Pan Bagnat

Nobody likes a soggy sandwich, so when we came across this recipe for a tuna sandwich that actually improves as it sits in your lunchbox or picnic basket, we were excited to give it a try. According to recipe creator Melissa Clark, “the longer it sits (up to 24 hours), the better it gets. The flavors marry, the oil and tomato juices mingle, the anchovies dissolve into the bread and all of it coalesces into a sophisticated whole that stays intact when you bite in.” Clark also notes that pan bagnats can be a catchall for whatever vegetables are on hand: crisp hot and sweet peppers, fennel, cucumber, string beans, peas, and scallions all make excellent additions. You’ll find many of the ingredients featured in our back-to-school-themed Weekly Sale from August 19th – 25th, so it’s a perfect time to give it a try!