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Long-Cultured Yogurt

Yogurt is the most popular fermented milk in the world. It is available in many forms and offers myriad health benefits. Long-cultured yogurt, which is allowed to ferment for 24 hours, has the added benefit of providing an increased amount beneficial bacteria (probiotics!) and amino acids while decreasing the lactose content of the milk. Making your own long-cultured yogurt is surprisingly simple, affordable, and you won’t need a lot of special equipment. All you’ll need to make your own yogurt incubator is a 5-gallon bucket (or similar vessel), an old-fashioned rubber hot water bottle, and a towel. Please note that the milk you use should not be ultra-pasteurized (UHT). Regular pasteurized milk works fine, but the UHT process kills the lovely enzymes and beneficial bacteria needed to make the yogurt magic happen. We love using whole milk from Kimball Brook Farm or Strafford Organic Dairy.