Healthy Halloween Treats

Healthy Halloween Treats

Posted On October 24, 2019
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If you love the spooky revelry of Halloween, but you’re not loving all the sugary indulgence, these treats are for you! 


  1. Boo-nanas in the Graveyard – Slice bananas in half, insert chocolate chips for eyes and mouths, then place in crumbled chocolate cookie “graveyard dirt”.
  2. Witchy Brooms – Cut mozzarella string cheese sticks into thirds. Use a paring knife to cut the bottom half of each segment into broom strands. Insert a pretzel stick into the top half of each segment, then tie on a chive.
  3. Cheesy Ghosts – Create a stack of cheese slices. Use a sharp paring knife or cookie cutter to cut out a ghost shape. Use a pen cap to punch out the eyes.
  4. Monster Mouths – Quarter an apple, remove the core, then flip each quarter over and slice out the mouth. Insert slivered almond teeth. Optional – add nut butter “drool”.


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