Urine My Garden with the Rich Earth Institute

Categories: Cooking Classes
Jun. 22nd
5:00pm – 6:00pm

Urine My Garden: Why & How to Peecycle at Home

This webinar, hosted in partnership with the Rich Earth Institute covers why & how to fertilize your garden with urine. Reclaiming urine as a fertilizer is a safe and simple practice that gardeners everywhere can learn to reclaim “waste” as a resource, access an abundance of free fertilizer, and prevent downstream pollution. The presentation covers step-by-step instructions for fertilizing with urine in home gardens, informed by Rich Earth’s agricultural and social research. It introduces Rich Earth’s Home Gardening Guide and concludes with inviting participants to contribute to Rich Earth’s Community Science Survey. We will give a brief presentation and then have time for discussion for you to share your experiences and questions. Lake Champlain Basin residents can order a free peecycling kit for urine collection after the workshop. 

Why Peecycle? 

Human urine contains vital plant nutrients. When flushed, urine wastes precious potable water and can contribute to downstream nutrient pollution. But when urine is reclaimed as a fertilizer, it can be used to grow more food, thereby completing the local food nutrient cycle. The Rich Earth Institute is a nonprofit based in Brattleboro, VT and has been demonstrating urine nutrient reclamation for over a decade (as featured in the New York Times). Together, we can pee the change we need! 

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