Strawberry Shortcake

Planning a Memorial Day weekend barbecue? We happen to think this strawberry shortcake would make a simple, delicious dessert! 

Strawberry Sauce

With just three ingredients and a few simple steps, you can take your Valentine’s Day breakfast or dessert to new heights. You’ll find organic frozen strawberries featured in our weekly sale from February 6th – 12th, along with Cabot whipped cream, Nature’s Path waffles, and a handful of other ingredients designed to help you pull together an easy breakfast spread that will make your Valentine swoon!

Breakfast for your Valentine

Planning a special breakfast in bed for your Valentine? Or perhaps you want to practice some self-love and treat yourself to an indulgent breakfast? This recipe is no fuss but all of the frills, so it’s perfect for the occasion. You’ll find the ingredients at a great low price in our weekly sale from February 7th – 13th, leaving you room to splurge on a decadent box of chocolates and a nice bouquet. 

Valentine Scones

Planning a sweet breakfast in bed for your Valentine? These scones are sure to score you some extra smooches! Many of the ingredients are featured in our weekly sale from February 8th – 14th, so your wallet will be happy, too.

Mother’s Day Mimosas

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there! Are you planning a Mother’s Day brunch?  We’ve got you covered! Our weekly sale from May 11th – 17th features everything you’ll need to whip up a fresh, healthy, delicious menu to honor the fabulous mothers in your life! This mimosa recipe is super simple and utilizes both the sparkling wine and the strawberries featured in the sale, so raise a glass to toast all the hard-working moms who make the world go ’round!