Split Pea Soup

Kik Alicha

Alicha is a mild split pea stew simmered in a turmeric and ginger-based sauce. Split peas are known as kək or kikki in the local languages of Ethiopia – hence the name, kik alicha. Our Weekly Sale from April 7th – 13th celebrates Ethiopian cuisine and you’ll find organic yellow split peas featured in the sale. A traditional ingredient that gives kik alicha its authentic flavor is an Ethiopian spiced clarified butter known as Niter Kibbeh. Unfortunately, this ingredient can be hard to find around here, but we invite you to try making your own, or you may substitute ghee (though it will lack the full spice and aromatic profile of the original dish). This healthy, hearty one-pot meal is vegetarian and gluten-free making it a deliciously inclusive crowd-pleaser and it’s particularly tasty when scooped up with the traditional Ethiopian flatbread known as Injera!