sardine toast

Sardine Toasts

We’re always game to honor and celebrate food traditions associated with various holidays, enjoying the opportunity to get a glimpse into the beauty of a different culture through the preparation and sharing of a delicious meal. With this in mind, our Weekly Sale from August 10th – 16th celebrates the food traditions of Ferragosto! The celebration has Roman origins, dating back to Emperor Agustus in 18 BCE, and the term Ferragosto derives from the Latin “Feriae Augusti,” which translates to “August rest.” The feast was part of the period of the festivities dedicated to Conso, god of the earth and fertility, and was called with the aim of ensuring an adequate rest after the efforts made in the previous weeks of work. The date of the ancient Ferragosto was August 1st, though the Catholic Church later moved the date to the 15th, in order to make Ferragosto coincide with the religious celebration for the Assumption of Mary, so you may often hear the holiday referred to as The Feast of the Assumption.

In more recent times, Ferragosto signals the long summer vacation for Italians, and the culinary traditions of Ferragosto reflect the simplicity of summer cuisine in Italy. Dishes generally include carpaccio, seafood, fresh produce, and small plates of olives, cured meats, and cheeses. You’ll find some of these items in our Weekly Sale and this recipe offers a delicious way to pull them together! It’s a perfect way to showcase the succulence of a soil-grown Vermont tomato, and it’s the kind of meal that can be tossed together in 15 minutes without bringing too much heat to the kitchen.