Puerto Rican Cuisine

Pernil Pork Tenderloin

This fantastic recipe from native Puerto Rican chef Von Diaz, which is adapted from her cookbook, Coconuts and Collards, is a Puerto Rican dish that’s traditionally made with pork shoulder and roasted low and slow for several hours. Because tenderloin can cook much faster and hotter and stay tender, you get to Pernil in under 30 minutes with this recipe! 

Puerto Rican Piña Colada Cake

If you’ve ever sipped a Piña Colada, you know that coconut and pineapple are a dreamy pair. There’s something magical about the combination of rich coconut cream and that signature sweet-tart pineapple flavor. It just so happens that those flavors work together in baking as well, which prompted chef and food photographer Salima Benkhalti to dream up this Piña Colada cake, drawing inspiration from her Puerto Rican roots. The recipe comes together using many pantry staples you likely already have on hand. Perhaps the flavors will transport you somewhere warm and tropical on a January Vermont day.