Co-op Quiz: What is a Co-op Share?

Are you ready to learn more about YOUR co-op?  Take a shot at entering this month’s Co-op Quiz question:


What is a Co-op Share?


What IS a Co-op Share?  For that matter, who are our shareholders?  How much is a share worth?  How many shares of the co-op can one individual own?  So many questions, and only until the end of January to answer them!  If you’re not sure how to answer, do some digging on our website and in our in-store materials near the customer bathrooms to find out more.  When you’re ready, write your answer on a raffle slip (located near the exit door) and drop it into our Co-op Quiz raffle box for a chance to win one of 10 Co-op Gift Cards, worth $25 each!  Winners will be drawn at random, and then selected based on response accuracy.

Good Luck!