Eid Al Fitr


Muhjadarrah is an Arabic dish, made with a few, very basic ingredients: rice, lentils, onion and oil. That’s it! It’s vegetarian (vegan, even), very inexpensive, delicious and easy to make. Plus, you’ll find the green lentils featured in our weekly sale from June 22nd – 28th!

This recipe is beautifully simple as it is, but, like most classic dishes, there are dozens of different variations. You could introduce middle eastern spices such as cumin or cinnamon, roasted red peppers, cubed feta cheese, or a swirl of thick yogurt, but we recommend trying this first just as it is. It’s revolutionary to taste something so delicious and satisfying that comes from using the simplest and most humble ingredients imaginable.

A few bits of advice – be sure to caramelize the onion very deeply and to use plenty of salt and pepper. These are your only seasonings, so they’re very important. Also, be sure to use brown or green lentils, not the orange ones which will just dissolve to a mush.