Portuguese Vegetable and Kielbasa Soup

Portuguese Vegetable and Kielbasa Soup

Posted On November 23, 2018
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You asked for it…here it is!  Another delicious recipe from one of our Empty Bowl soup makers – Katherine Finnerty.  This recipe is adapted from The Soup Bowl Cookbook, but Katherine modified it and made it her own.  The resulting soup is a delicious brew of smokey, spicy satisfaction.  Enjoy!


Cover kielbasa with water in a skillet, bring to a boil and cook until water evaporates.  Remove sausage, cool and chop.  Add oil, onion, and garlic to skillet and saute until onion is tender.  Add to soup pot along with potatoes an stock.  Bring to a boil and simmer until potatoes are quite tender.  Strain potatoes from stock and mash.  Return to stock with tomatoes, beans, and sausage.  Simmer 5 to 10 minutes, then add escarole.  Simmer another 10 minutes, season to taste with salt and pepper.  Serve garnished with chopped parsley.

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    Portuguese Vegetable and Kielbasa Soup


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