Fresh Fruit Parfait

Fresh Fruit Parfait

Posted On May 6, 2021
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If you’re hoping to treat your mama to something that will make her feel special this Mother’s Day, but feel like you lack the culinary skills to pull it off, then we think you’ll love this super simple fresh fruit parfait! Even the most novice budding chefs can assemble this lovely treat, regardless of your kitchen prowess. You’ll find most of the ingredients for the parfait featured in our Weekly Sale from May 6th – 12th, along with Equal Exchange’s fairtrade organic coffee, so tie on an apron and treat your mom to a tasty breakfast-in-bed! 


Slice or dice your fruit into bite-sized pieces. Fill the bottoms of four ramekins or glasses with a layer of fresh fruit (about 1/2 C into each ramekin). Spoon a quarter cup of yogurt into each ramekin on top of the fruit, then sprinkle on a quarter cup of granola. Top that with another quarter cup of yogurt, then top with a final half-cup of fresh fruit. Garnish with fresh mint and serve chilled.

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