Fairtrade Chocolate Mousse

Fairtrade Chocolate Mousse

Posted On September 28, 2020
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In honor of Fairtrade Month, we bring you a surprisingly decadent dessert without the post-indulgent guilt. It features a handful of Fairtrade Certified ingredients, some of which can be found in our Fairtrade-themed weekly sale from October 15th – 21st. Don’t let the healthy ingredients dissuade you — this one is so rich and delicious you’ll forget that there is avocado in your dessert!


In a food processor, combine the avocado and banana and process until smooth. Scrape down the sides of bowl as necessary. Add the cocoa powder, vanilla, and cinnamon. Test the mousse. If you find the chocolate too bitter for your taste, add honey. Process again until smooth. Refrigerate in individual ramekins for at least 20 minutes.

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