Expansion & Member Loans

Middlebury Natural Foods Co-op is Ready to Grow!

More great food and services, and a stronger local economy! You, our loyal member-owners have been asking for it. Now, together we’ll build it!

The Goals:

  • 50% more retail space overall
  • Wider aisles and better layout for ease of shopping (and visiting…)
  • 100% more fresh meat, prep room, and coolers
  • New Co-op cafe with double current seating and own entrance
  • 100% increase in cheese retail space, with new island
  • Commitment to expand without increasing our carbon footprint
  • Improved deli, with 75% more retail space, hot bar, and more
  • Enlarged deli kitchen for more prepared food, faster service
  • New customer service desk
  • Improved store entrance with air lock
  • Wider, longer, safer driveway entrance
  • More open produce layout with 20% more space
  • Better insulated, more energy-efficient building overall
  • Expanded bulk selections
  • Two public restrooms

Construction is planned to begin Spring 2017!


Click HERE for more information.