Member Deals

Member-Owners – These are for YOU!

Every week, we feature a producer and give them a special display in the store (right next to the Demo Table in Produce).  Along with this display are photos of the people who make this business work and of the places where their products are made.  Check out the producer “Spotlights” on our blog – you’ll find everything from owner biographies to growing practices and recipes.   And guess what?  Members get an additional discount on all of the featured producer’s products during the week that we promote them.  This discount is IN ADDITION TO any sales, coupons or other discounts you may receive.

 Just CLICK ON THE LOGOS to learn more about these producers:




December 5th – 11th — Members Take an Additional 20% off Krin’s Bakery








December 12th – 18th – Members Take an Additional 20% Off Champlain Valley Creamery










December 19th – 24th — Members Take an Additional 20% Off Trois Petits Cochons









December 26th – 31st — Members Take an Additional 20% Off Agricola Farm

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