March 2018

Spotlight on Tom’s of Maine

Tom’s of Maine is basking in the glow of the Co-op Spotlight this week and all of their wonderful body care products are 20% off for member-owners from March 1st – 7th! This discount is in addition to the everyday low price on many Toms of Maine products offered through our Co-op Basics program, so it’s a great time to stock up and save! Read on to learn more about the philosophy of care for people and planet that the Tom’s of Maine community holds dear:


At Tom’s of Maine, they believe in living for today—and tomorrow! They recognize that decisions have a lasting impact, and they make them thoughtfully. Since 1970, their mission has been to help people live a more natural life. Here are just some of the ways they translate their mission into positive actions:

  • They’re guided by a Stewardship Model and over 45 years of expertise. Their passion is finding and combining naturally sourced and naturally derived ingredients to create personal care products that really work. And their products come with a product guarantee because your satisfaction is important.
  • They’re transparent about the ingredients they use. They explain where they come from, what they do, and how they are made so that you can make the right choice for your family and yourself. Click here to explore their ingredients.
  • They share their profits and time. Tom’s of Maine donates 10% of product sales to nonprofit organizations working to support health, education, and nature. And they encourage employees to use 5% of their paid time to volunteer for their favorite causes. Click here to learn more about how Tom’s of Maine gives back.
  • They strive to implement and follow sustainable business practices. This is the only planet we call home, so they work to protect it for future generations. Click here to learn more about their sustainability initiatives. They also publish their sustainability progress and goals in their annual Goodness Report.

The Backstory

Tom and Kate Chappell moved to Maine from Philadelphia in 1968, looking for a healthier, simpler life for their growing family. They discovered the benefits of natural and unprocessed food, and started looking for the same qualities in personal care products. But all they found were labels listing artificial flavors, fragrances, sweeteners, colors and preservatives. So they decided to create their own.

In 1970, with the help of a $5000 loan from a friend, Tom’s of Maine was born. Right from the start, their company was shaped by the Chappell’s entrepreneurial spirit and values. By 1975, they’d introduced the first natural toothpaste on the U.S. market. And because Tom and Kate felt that businesses should give back, they soon found meaningful ways to care for the planet and their communities.

Tom’s of Maine became a part of the Colgate-Palmolive company in 2006. And they’re proud to say that as they’ve grown through the years, their simple, direct approach has never changed. They continue to put their hearts into providing their customers with natural personal care products that work as well as they’d expect.

Tom & Kate Chappell



Roll Your Own Sushi!

The weekly sale from March 1st – 7th is a celebration of makizushi, which is the Japanese word for sushi! Have you ever tried making your own sushi at home? It’s easier than you might think, and with many of the ingredients on sale, it’s a great time to give it a try! Below are some simple steps for rolling your own sushi at home:

What you’ll need:

  • Nori sheets – find these in the weekly sale display or in Grocery aisle 3
  • Sushi rice – see weekly sale display or find in the Bulk department
  • Fillings of your choice – the weekly sale display will feature tuna steaks and avocados. Other fun fillings include cucumber, carrot, daikon radish, sprouts, pickled veggies – get creative!
  • Sushi Roller Mat – Find these in aisle 1, or you can try using a dish towel or Silpat mat
  • Plastic wrap – to prevent ingredients from sticking to the mat
  • Sauces, Dips, and Garnishes – tamari will be featured in the weekly sale and you can find other traditional sushi complements like pickled ginger and wasabi in Grocery aisle 3
  • A bowl of water and a dry cloth – keeping your fingers dry while handling the nori and well moistened while handling the rice is key to assembling great sushi

What to do:

  1. Cook sushi rice until tender and allow it to cool to room temperature.
  2. Lay out your sushi mat and top it with a piece of plastic wrap.
  3. With dry hands, lay one sheet of nori, rough-side-up, onto the mat.
  4. With well-moistened hands, spread a thin, even layer of sushi rice on top of the nori leaving about an inch of space at the top of the nori sheet.
  5. Lay down your fillings in a single line across the center of the rice layer. A little goes a long way and overstuffing can easily lead to busted rolls. It helps to have veggies sliced into long, thin, matchsticks and fish shaved into long, thin strips cut at an angle across the grain.
  6. Place your thumbs under your bamboo mat on the edge closest to you and roll away from you with gently curved hands to shape the roll into an even log, tucking the sushi contents snugly into the nori and pulling away the excess mat and plastic wrap as you roll.
  7. Slice the log into even segments using a sharp knife and allow to rest for a few minutes until the nori loses its crackly crispness. Serve with the sauces & garnishes of your choice!