Deli Delights

Deli Delights

Our adaptable, helpful and enthusiastic staff approached the busy holiday season after months of construction and change without losing a beat, but one major innovation didn’t make its debut until the first week of January:  the Hot Bar!

First of all, due to its size, the enormous stainless steel piece of equipment for both hot and cold foods had to be brought into the building before all the walls were finished.  Then the salad and soup bar was brought back as soon as the dust settled, literally.  Finally, around 11 o’clock on  January 3, when I just happened to be checking out the daily offerings,  I heard “Hot food coming through!”  I was the very first customer who enjoyed the first hot entrée that day:  beef brisket, and it was worth the wait.  Subsequently, vegetarian and vegan dishes appeared, and the mac and cheese is one of the first casseroles to go.

You don’t have to wait for the lunch choices, however.  Hot breakfast sandwiches are available from 8-11am every day, currently cheddar cheese, ham and chicken sausage options.

One additional discovery for folks on a gluten-free diet:  all the mini pizza flavors in the deli case are available with a wheat free crust.  The crust is handled and baked separately with your choice of toppings.  Just ask the staff and minutes later you have a delicious wheat-free pizza.

Staff members encourage questions, suggestions, and other feedback.  They love hearing when things are good, but they want to hear when things could be better.  Thank you for your loyalty during this past year of transition, and please continue to help us serve you as best we can.

Ann LaFiandra is a Middlebury Natural Foods Co-op Board Member

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